Farm Pro

User Segment


Agriculture is transforming from input intensive to information intensive.
SATIVUS - Crop health advisory either directly or through field staff mitigate yield loss and save money
Consulting services to improve the existing crop’s yield, change cropping system, implementing innovative and smart technologies
Regular crop monitoring through physical or satellite and advisories to ensure following best management practices.

Large landowners

Individual or firm who own large vacant land which can be converted into a profitable farm by analyzing soil, water, climate and market access. Farm Pro provides turnkey solutions for complete farm development. “ SMART Farm”
Alternately, Farm Pro may involves only in consultancy and the land owner can establish the farm as per our advisory.
Further crop monitoring using satellite / UAV and advisory services are available.

Agri input business

Businesses like Agro-chemical, bio-based, nutrition, fertilizer, etc intend to their best services to farmers through field staff. Equipping staff with latest and right information is vital.
Digital platform SATIVUS –Diagnose crop health problem for 40+ crops and safe recommendation of Chemical, Bio and Cultural method are given based on severity and crop stage.
YAKSHA – useful for facilitating field staff to collect the data from field, farmers, demo, meeting, etc and also to disseminate recommendation to their mobile.


Whether traditional or Organic farming, Crop health management App SATIVUS and/or data management platform YAKSHA helps timely and efficient extension services to large number of farmers
NGO / FPO can use this platform to recommend their own custom solutions and practices uniformly through field team’s mobile app

Contract Farming

”e-farm management” A digital crop cycle management encompassing field level cultivation monitoring and scheduling timely management practices through Mobile app
Traceability of the cultivation practice and harvested produce
As contract farming is located in many places, satellite or UAV based monitoring at critical stages save time and cost of field visits.

Seed Business

Successful seed production depends on carrying out timely operations, for which a pre-build scheduled tasks and alerts using YAKSHA will be of handy tool. (Mobile and web report)
Monitoring seed production fields spread across various districts / states are tedious which can be overcome by regular monitoring of the fields using satellite ( vegetation indices) and report anomalies.


Finance institutions are lending credits to farmers through FPO, NGO or directly. Apart from credit support, they also add value by knowledge sharing on good agricultural practices to ensure profitability in farmer’s hand.
SATIVUS- Crop health advisory and YAKSHA- Farm Management and extension service platforms are of great help.
Regular monitoring of the fields using satellite ( vegetation indices) and report anomalies for targeted field management.
Our trained extension force can be hired to provide custom service to targeted farmers.

Commodity Traders

Information on targeted crops area and production estimation is a vital information required for advance planning.
Crop area estimation, condition monitoring, yield prediction using satellite and yield models.
Risk assessment due to drought, flood and major pest disease outbreak.


Research institutes, University scientists are conducting various experiments, demonstrations, extension services, survey, etc. It involves voluminous amount of data collection across multiple locations, capturing photographs, user interview, etc. Finally, all the data needs to be consolidated for reports and decision-making.
Yaksha is a software tool that enables users to independently structure and capture data, or disseminate information. Data collection forms are designed in web browser and deployed on smartphones to record data. The reports can be viewed in real-time over the web portal.