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Crop Health Management – SATIVUS APP


“Sativus” is a simple to use, but rigorously developed digital knowledge system for the diagnosis and management of insect, disease and nutritional problems to agricultural crops that is available on the smartphones. It is suitable for providing crop health extension services to farmers either directly or through organizations involved in agro-chemical and crop nutrition businesses, large farms, FPCs, etc.

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major crops

Independently design and deploy Mobile App

Crop Cycle Management

Mobile data collection and information dissemination

Data entry directly in Mobile from the field.

YAKSHA” is a software tool that enables users to independently structure and capture data, or disseminate information. The required forms and protocols are structured on the web portal and deployed as an app on smartphones. Reports are viewed in real-time over the web portal.

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Farm Pro


Scientific feasibility study to ascertain the suitability of the land for growing particular crop(s) or recommend suitable crop based on climate, topography, soil, water and market access. Provide Detail Project Report (DPR) to avail credit from financial institution.

Complete implementation of the project from land clearing to layout design, water source, selection of crop varieties, develop irrigation system, planting, etc. until it is just go for routine crop management.

Traditional Farming

Determine the reasons for gap between achievable and actual yield. Experts recommend suitable management solutions for improving yield. Regular visits by agronomists to advice and follow-up the action plan, thus ensuring higher yield and profitability.

Organic Farming

Guidance, consultation and solutions are provided to implement organic farming successfully and certification of the products to national and international standards.

Space technology creates opportunity for mapping the area or monitoring crop health where manual process is time consuming and expensive. Information is timely and accurate for valuable decision making on crop management. UAV provides very high resolution picture and digital elevation models for planning. Multispectral images are useful for monitoring the crop growth and condition to follow precision agriculture.

Seed to Seed monitoring & advisory

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) results better yield for farmers and quality produce for consumers. A scheduled activity with reminder / alert helps to practice the GAP on time. Also, collection of field data from planting to harvest and analysis of such data adds value to understand the problems and improve the yield and profit in succeeding year. YAKSHA Platform is customized to every user needs for e-farming using Mobile device.
IoT (Internet of Things), the weather and soil moisture sensors collect the data from the field in-situ and schedules the irrigation as per crop and its stage. Micro irrigations like drip, sprinkler and pivot (for large farms) are more suitable to save water as per the crop spacing. Hence produce more per drop of water. Protected cultivation is the intensive care farming of high value crops producing very high yield in comparison with open field cultivation. Smart devices and sensors are used to monitor the micro climate, moisture and wetness.