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Converting Barren, Fallow land in to Integrated Agriculture / Plantation Farms

During the last two decades, India’s population has increased by about 184 million, while the total agricultural land has decreased by about 3.2 million ha. This problem of limited availability of land has been compounded by growth in population, urbanization and diversion of productive agricultural land for non-agriculture purposes.


Agronomic management and Cropping system to enhance profitability

Due to continuous mono cropping with less attention on soil fertility improvement, there has been a significant slow-down in the growth rate in production and yield. Filling the yield gap through right management and cropping system would benefit farmers and country as a whole.

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SATIVUS App guides field team for precise diagnosis,
recommendation and follow-up

Farmers lose a significant portion of income as their crops and produce are affected by various insects and diseases leading to a significant reduction in crop productivity. In India, 20-25% crop losses are reported due to pest attacks every year. Farmers at large lack knowledge regarding a product at hand. This is a precarious situation as the efficacy or the usefulness of the product is closely linked to the knowledge of the user on the product.

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YAKSHA Platform


Mobile data collection and information dissemination with Web report view

In digital era, data and information adds value in decision making. Organizations such as agri-input companies, contract farming, credit investors, FPOs, research organization etc needs near real-time information from the field / field team/ researchers. YAKSHA platform leverages users to create projects and data collection forms independently without any expertise in programming. Platform can be effectively used to provide crop and location specific extension services to farmers.


Satellite / UAV based regular crop heath monitoring

With the frequency of satellite availability and power of image analysis, monitoring of crops anywhere in the globe become truly possible. Satellite derived crop health indices able to detect the anomalies which are not possible with naked eye during minor variations. Timely information means timely action on solving the problems, thus reduce the loss.